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Iowa Barns yesterday and today  takes the reader on a tour of all 99 Iowa counties with 800 color photos of barns, silos, corncribs, homes and businesses.  The photo tour is accompanied by stories from owners, their descendants, and neighbors which portray these structures' diversity - past and present. It is the result of a study that began 38 years ago and resumed in 2012. The scope of this book exceeds that of any other publication. 294 pages. 800 color photos. 8 1/2 X 11" softcover.

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About the Author

Karlene Kingery grew up on a farm in northwest Marshall County near St. Anthony. Living in the country was near and dear to her as she treasured the farm life, her family, butterflies, flowers, sunsets, and the stars. After a teaching career she spent six years assembling this book. She will continue to encourage preservation of these structures for future generations to use and enjoy.

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