Christmas Greetings!

Christmas Greetings! During this Christmas season may you find peace and love and joy. I look forward to sharing new discoveries and stories with all of you in 2022. (Note that the children are feeding the cows in a barn. Maybe the barn cats got dressed up just to go caroling.)

Note: The cat postcard ­was printed in Bavaria and mailed in America in 1904. Best Wishes was printed in Germany, and Frohliche Weihnachten was printed in Austria and mailed from Hamburg to St. Louis on December 11, 1912.

Kirchhoff’s Mini-Farms

Every building is built to scale, over 125 of them, bringing back memories of bygone days. He was active in the family farming operation for decades, and in later years loved to be at the museum to share the history of his creations with visitors. He still hoped to be involved in some aspect of the fall harvest in 2019 but died in August at age 84.

Wayne’s creations are housed in a special room at the museum, except for a few his nieces and nephews have inherited. Below are four of the five tractors, made of wood of course, that he built one year when he wanted a break from building barns. The museum is closed from mid-December until early May. Check the website for details.