New Year Greetings

No pigs at your house? Then how about making a snow pig to celebrate the New Year like these German boys are doing on this vintage New Year postcard? Of course snow is needed.

Pigs are big business in Iowa. Over five thousand hog confinement farms exist, raising millions of pigs every year. Not many farms, however, use an older barn like the one pictured above in Mills County. After the Sell family sold their Century Farm several years ago, the new owners, Seth and Ashley Warren, remodeled the barn and are now raising “show” pigs.

There’s a big market for these pigs today, sold to those who are interested in raising them for fairs or other special events for prizes. The competition is keen and the rewards great for those who win.

This barn, either a Louden or Gordon-Van Tine Company design, has wings that might look like it is ready to fly. Below is a view inside minus the actual pigs, as visitor access inside is not permitted to prevent pigs’ exposure to diseases.